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Veterinary Microbiology and Microbial Disease

You can download Veterinary Microbiology and Microbial Disease by P. J. Quinn, B. K. Markey, M. E. Carter, W. J. Donnelly and F. C. Leonard free in pdf format. 

About Book

Veterinary Microbiology is one of the core subjects for veterinary students. This is a core textbook covering every aspect of veterinary microbiology for students in both paraclinical and clinical years. The clinical applications to farm and companion animals, which are of relevance to the veterinarians are emphasised. In each case there is a concise description of the groups of micro-organisms, the diseases they produce, immunological aspects and a summary of infectious diseases based on their main clinical signs. Unlike other microbiology books this one gives equal weighting to bacteriology, mycology and virology. The use of tables throughout means that information is easily accessible.