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Oestrus Ovis: Clinical Symptoms, Diagnosis & Drug treatment

The sheep nose botfly, Oestrus ovis, in its larval stages, inhabits the nasal passages and sinuses of sheep and goats, which migrates to the nasal cavity. Infestation is less common in goats than sheep.

Clinical Symptoms

Profuse nasal discharge, which may become mucopurulent and frequently tinged with fine streaks of blood  , thickening of the nasal mucosa, impairment of respiration, paroxysms of sneezing accompany migrations of the larger larvae, a sheep may run from place to place, keeping its nose close to the ground, and sneeze and stamp its feet or shake its head and gather in small groups facing the center.


based on clinical signs and isolation of the larvae

Drug treatment

• Rafoxanide, 7.5mg/kg Po
• Ivermectin 0.2 mg/kg SC

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