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Anesthesia for the Pet Practitioner Second Edition

You can download Anesthesia for the Pet Practitioner 2nd Edition by Karen K. Faunt free in pdf format. 

About Book

This edition includes a wealth of new information, from updated protocols and drug dosages to new sections on dental nerve blocks, perioperative antibiotics practice guidelines, and practice standards for multiple procedure anesthesia—all in an easy to navigate format. Anesthesia for the Pet Practitioner began more than a decade ago as a loose collection of notes on our protocols. It evolved into a manual designed as a job aid for our doctors and then took on a life of its own when we started sharing it with the profession. Our goal is to present our most current thoughts, policies and standards on anesthesia in a user-friendly format. As such, you will notice that most of this handbook is in outline form and is intended to be an easy-to-use guide and not a definitive source of all available information on anesthesia. This second edition includes several new topics such as fluid therapy and pain management, as we learned that more information on these subjects was needed. We hope this handbook will be helpful. It will constantly evolve as we strive to continually improve our anesthetic outcomes.