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The Laboratory Rabbit 2nd Edition

by Asim Javed

You can download The Laboratory Rabbit 2nd Edition by Mark A. Suckow, Valerie Schroeder and Fred A. Douglas free in pdf format.

The Laboratory Rabbit 2nd Edition

About Book

With laboratory animals, especially rabbits, playing such an important role in biomedical research, the humane care of these animals is an ongoing concern. The Laboratory Rabbit, Second Edition presents basic information and common procedures in detail to provide a quick reference for caretakers, technicians, and researchers in a laboratory setting. Now in full color, the second edition of this book illustrates management practices and technical procedures with numerous figures and tables. It includes updated tables on anesthetic agents, methods of euthanasia, recommended needle sizes, injection sites, approximate values for injection, and sedative and immobilization agents. Plastic comb-bound for convenient and frequent use, this guide also provides sources and suppliers of additional information on rabbits, feed, and sanitation supplies.

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