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Textbook of Histology Colour Atlas 5th Edition

You can download Textbook of Histology Colour Atlas 5th Edition by Krishna Garg, Indira Bahl and Mohini Kaul free in pdf format.

About Book

The fifth edition of the Textbook depicts photomicrographs, figures and three points of identification as facts to remember (mostly on the right hand pages of the book). The text gives Must Know component with functional and applied aspects of the tissues to provide a holistic understanding of the subject. Insets with some figures and diagrams have been added to show three-dimensional view of the tissues. The Textbook provides sufficient material even for the last minute revision of histology before the examination. The last chapter has been enlarged to give a preliminary idea about various fixatives and stains, etc. which will be useful to the students of BSc and MSc courses in anatomy.