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Poultry Coccidiosis: Diagnostic and Testing Procedures 3rd Edition

You can download Poultry Coccidiosis Diagnostic and Testing Procedures, 3rd Edition by Donal P. Conway and M. Elizabeth McKenzie free in pdf format. 

About Book

Poultry Coccidiosis is a valuable, comprehensive reference that reviews the biology of coccidia, covers current diagnostic and testing procedures, and thoroughly covers the anti-coccidial vaccines and drugs that are currently available. This user-friendly guide will provide poultry scientists, poultry disease diagnosticians, and veterinary practitioners with a well-illustrated description of the Johnson and Reid scoring procedure, thorough explanation of laboratory procedures, experiment design, example protocols for testing anticoccidial drugs, a summary of the chemical name, structure, safety, and efficacy of anticoccidial drugs, and a review of anticoccidial vaccines that are currently available. This easy-to-use reference will be an invaluable tool for anyone working with poultry.