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Avian and Rabbit Diseases

by Asim Javed

You can download Avian and Rabbit Diseases by staff members of avian and rabbit medicine department free in pdf format. 

Avian and Rabbit Diseases

About Book

In order to have the opportunity to become a member in the veterinary medicine field, the student should understand the key elements in poultry diseases diagnosis. This book brings together some of the Egyptian experts in their respective field of poultry disease diagnosis, prevention and control. I do believe that this text book will be an important guidance during your scholar and practical life. This book is intended to be precisely such as the authors convinced to be useful to the study of veterinary practice. This new edition of the book includes two novel sections that discuss the goose parvovirus and omithobacterium rhinotracheale infection in birds. In addition, it contains many new interactive images compared to the previous editions. I take this opportunity to acknowledge all the authors for their efforts and contributions to have this book in this shapev Moreover, I hereby confirm and declare that the contents of this book are from the author’s composition.

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