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Avian Anatomy: Textbook and Colour Atlas 2nd Edition

You can download Avian Anatomy Textbook and Colour Atlas 2nd Edition by Horst E. König, Rüdiger Korbel, Hans-Georg Liebich and Corinna Klupiec (Translator) free in pdf format.


About Book

Bringing together annotated images and anatomical terms, this reference book is a unique combination of a practical, clinically oriented textbook and pictorial atlas of avian anatomy. Containing very high quality photographs, including histological and radiographic images, and schematic diagrams, this edition focuses on ornamental birds and poultry. Among the various species examined are chickens, ducks, and geese, as well as budgerigars, psitaccines and many others. Wild bird species, such as the common buzzard and falcon, are included. Raptors are featured in a dedicated new chapter. Translated from Anatomie der Voegel, first published by Schattauer, this edition of Avian Anatomy is an ideal book for veterinary practitioners and students.