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The Cornell Book of Cats 2nd Edition 1997

You can download The Cornell Book of Cats 2nd Edition 1997 A Comprehensive & Authoritative Medical Reference for Every Cat & Kitten by Mordecai Siegal and James R. Richards free in pdf format. 

About Book

Thoroughly updated and revised, a complete feline medical reference furnishes timely imformation on cat nutrition, reproduction, genetics, first aid, breeds, anatomy, medical advances, preventive care, and more. This book is what I call the Veternarian Bible. I dont think there is anything left out of this book. Informative, and educational. I do cat rescue and adoptions, and this book can potentially save you alot of money if there is a cat issue. Rather than going to the vet and having the vet guess at what the potential issue is, you can go in educated and say, could the cat have this, or that? This book is well worth it.

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