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Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Manual 2nd Year

You can download Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Manual 2nd Year by Karol A. Mathews free in pdf format. 

About Book

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Manual is a step-by-step diagnostic and therapeutic instruction manual – this is THE critical care book for all veterinarians and students. The manual covers the decision-making, and the management process in a format ideal for practical patient-side use. The treatment and procedure oriented focus has been enhanced through the use of more charts, tables and algorithms. The unique style of step-by-step diagnostic and procedural instruction is maintained throughout. Included in the 73 additional chapters is an important section on acid-base assessment which emphasizes the use of the biochemical profile in assessing the acid-base condition. Venous and arterial blood gas analysis and all electrolyte abnormalities are also discussed. Four chapters are also included on emergency care of ferrets, rabbits, birds and reptiles.