Tips and Tricks in Endocrine Surgery

You can download Tips and Tricks in Endocrine Surgery by John C. Watkinson & David M. Scott-Coombes free in pdf format.

Tips and Tricks in Endocrine Surgery

About Book

This bookprovides a concise summary across all aspects of endocrine surgery, covering the major endocrine organs and discussing aspects of surgical care. It comprisesfive sections covering the major endocrine organs/systems, each with a specialist section editor. Within each section there are a number of brief (2-3 page) chapters, written in a combination of prose and bullet points,a format that is conducive to both detailed reading and quicker, “dipping in”, review. Each chapter contains a “Pearls and Pitfalls” summary box. The texttakes into account the latest evidence and current expert opinion from an internationally renowned list of authors.

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