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The Ancient World: A Social and Cultural History 8th edition

You can download The Ancient World A Social and Cultural History 8th edition by D. Brendan Nagle free in pdf format.

About Book

Analyzes the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East in social and cultural contexts
Ancient World, The: A Social and Cultural History, 8/e ,presents a comprehensive analysis of the cultures and societies of the ancient Mediterranean world from prehistoric times to the rise of Islam. It offers a multi-perspective and integrated chronicle of the history of the ancient world, from Sumer to the fall of Rome.
This title challenges purely narrative accounts of the ancient past, offering in-depth analysis of such key events and institutions as: the origins of agriculture and the rise of urban civilization in the Middle East; household and gender roles in the Middle East, Greece, and Rome; slavery throughout the Mediterranean; and how the Romans built, maintained, and lost their empire.

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